Exclusive One on One Care

It no longer makes sense to divide your health between doctors. Using a more holistic view, we determine the imbalances for each symptom and work with you to create a highly customized plan for improving your symptoms and reaching your healthiest goals.

To reach your bodies maximum potential, you need a comprehensive approach to your health care.

The pen and pill approach to healthcare is fading. Fostered by 2,500 years of practice, our team will create a custom treatment plan for you based on your individual needs, improving your body's ability to take action and restore itself.

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Meet our Physician


Jessica Del Valle, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M., M.S

Holistic Family Center was established in 2015. Jessica Del Valle our physician, trained at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine and worked at the Primary Care Holistic center throughout the 4 years she was an understudy to the Vice President, Dr. Fudi, MD (China) of the school. She has partnered with The Wellness Project, a non for profit organization to provide little to no cost cancer treatments to patients living with cancer. Along with receiving training through Memorial Sloan Kettering, the leader in Cancer Research to incorporate Acupuncture into cancer treatments and protocols. Jessica has also received training from Mazin Al- Khafaji, a renowned Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner specializing in Dermatology and Autoimmune disorders. Taking part in a TCM Diploma Course Practical in Dermatology, she is now one of 76 members to be certified in this type of treatment from 12 different countries.